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[S3E13] The Mother Of All Final Face Offs, Part 2

It was hardly a totally selfless act on Asher's part. He was scheduled to have dinner with his mother and her chef fiance. So Asher volunteered to ask about moving the party to Jacob's restaurant, largely so he wouldn't have to be alone with his future stepfather.

[S3E13] The Mother of All Final Face Offs, Part 2


In the final flashbacks, we see Christopher at the hospital with teen Lorelai, looking at Rory in the nursery and musing that it's now time for them to get married. The look on Lorelai's face says, "ugh, no thanks." Later, as Emily and Richard prepare to leave for the symphony, they find a note that presumably explains Lorelai's departure. We're not told what it says, but I assume it's something like this:

Popee wakes up. He sits up and looks next to him, where Kedamono is sleeping. Popee creeps over and attempts to take Kedamono's mask off, but when he does, he only removes a single mask of Kedamono's sleeping face, revealing a mask that's the same underneath. Popee tears off mask after mask, finally stopping after he starts to break a sweat.

Sick of his mother's constant nagging, especially after she had sexual relations in the room next to his, Jerome killed his mother, and was allowed by Paul Cicero to clean up in his trailer. Jerome was then told by Cicero to scratch the initials for the Hellfire Club on the hatchet used to kill Lila, and to throw it off Arkham Bridge. Later, when Detective Gordon along with Leslie Thompkins and the circus ringmaster, came looking for Lila Valeska, Jerome answered the door to the trailer, denying knowing where she was. Gordon later had Lila's snake lead the group to her dead body, with Jerome faking despair at seeing his deceased mother. At the Gotham City Police Department headquarters, Jerome was questioned by Gordon on whether or not his mother had any enemies, and how he felt about her sex life, in an attempt to discern a possible suspect. Jerome was later brought back to the GCPD on the request of Gordon, who had come to the conclusion that Jerome had killed his mother, and Cicero, who Gordon had also come to the conclusion was Jerome's father, had helped him cover it up. Vehemently denying doing such a thing, Jerome later admitted to it, laughing maniacally after Paul Cicero admitted to being Jerome's father.[6] Surprised but understanding of why he helped him, all Jerome could say "My father? I'll be damned. Looks like the bitch got me with a zinger in the end." Jerome was later sent to Arkham Asylum for his crime.[7]

Jerome's next target was his father. With Tabitha's help, he tied Paul to a chair and told him of how his mother's lovers abused him and that Paul had comforted him, marginally. He asked Paul what his future is, and Paul proclaimed that his son would be a plague among Gotham, and his legacy would leave death and destruction. Jerome killed Paul and made his escape. He and Barbara later teamed up to hold an entire room of people hostage. He dressed as a magician and Barbara was his assistant. They lured the crowd into a false sense of security and then Jerome killed the deputy mayor. Theo put on a show of trying to stop them, and Barbara pretended to hit him with a mallet. Jerome asked for Bruce Wayne, threatening to shoot his butler and guardian Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce revealed himself and Jerome held him hostage. Theo appeared behind Jerome and stabbed him in the neck. Theo apologized to Jerome and said that now he is the hero. Jerome said that Theo said he was going to be a star, but died before he could finish, with a bloody smile on his face.[10]

Jerome took Bruce to the Boardwalk Circus that his cult had taken over, and Bruce was horrified at what he saw. Jerome's cult had turned the circus's games into much darker versions of them, most of which involved hurting and/or killing people. He then told Bruce that Gotham had no heroes. He was about to throw a baseball at a button that would drop a man into a tank filled with piranhas, however Bruce pushed him. He then pushed the button, dropping the man into the tank and he was devoured by the Piranhas, much to the distress of Bruce. Jerome then used a staple gun to staple his face back on because it was falling off. Bruce asked him if it hurt and Jerome came over and stapled his arm. To Jerome's surprise, Bruce didn't show any emotion at all so he stapled him again and Bruce once again showed no emotion. However, after Jerome stapled his arm for the third time, he yelled out in pain as an amused Jerome laughed. He then took Bruce over to a mirror where a cult member painted his face. Jerome then stabbed the cult member in the stomach, put his finger in his wound and then painted a frown on Bruce's face, saying "Let's turn that frown, upside down" with a laugh. Jerome then took Bruce over to the main part of the circus where a huge crowd of his cult members was waiting for "the main event". He tied Bruce up on a wooden pole with handcuffs and "entertained" his "guests".

Around a year later, infamous mob boss Oswald Cobblepot was falsely convicted and locked up in Arkham for the murder of Martin. While Cobblepot began ranting about Gordon, Sofia Falcone and Victor Zsasz, a voice from the adjacent cell greeted Penguin with the words "Hey, buddy". Even though Cobblepot ordered the other man not to talk to him, the fellow inmate moved on by explaining that this place is full of lunatics and he just thought they could help each other out. Realizing the voice came from the other side of a small grating near the ground, Cobblepot kneeled down to watch through the barred window that connected the two cells. After ironically asking the other prisoner how he could help him, the inmate claimed to be very resourceful before laughing amused afterwards. However, Penguin was immediately shocked since he recognized that insane laugh. Thereupon, the other inmate finally revealed himself through the grating and turned out to be Jerome Valeska himself whose face had been sewed back on properly. After offering Oswald to become his best friend, Jerome moreover asked Oswald to give him a smile before bursting out into maniacal laughter.[19]

Despite his ruthless and psychopathic nature, Jerome is capable of making allies and alliances. This is best shown through his leadership of the Maniax before his death, leading a cult that worshipped him after he was resurrected, taking over Arkham Asylum, and leading the Legions of Horribles. However, his only loyalty is to himself, as he would frequently kill his allies or followers if he felt they had outlived their usefulness, let him down, or if he was simply in a bad mood. He did show true respect to Theo Galavan, seeing him as a mentor due to his belief in him, though this respect was later shattered after Galavan killed him, and he was brought back to life, wishing to kill him. Though he initially seemed to have a positive relationship with his father, shown by the fact the man willingly helped him to hide his mothers body, Jerome showed the same disregard for others towards him, eventually killing him and framing him as part of Jerome and the Maniax's escape from Arkham.

A storm hits Tree Hill and Lucas gets to Brooke's apartment soaked. He gives her the next letter and as she reads it, she begins smiling but eventually the smile fades, asking if it is ok, Lucas is interrupted by something burning in the kitchen. Peyton also gets in soaked finding Ellie's bags on her bed. Ellie wipes the tears from her face and tells her there are somethings she can't do at her house. Mouth goes round to see Rachel, as she gets a drink, he takes a picture to prove he was in Rachel Gatina's bedroom. Karen and Keith are stopping leaks in the roof of the cafe as they flirt and kiss. Haley goes round to a surprised Nathan's, and tells him she is going to Duke. She tells him the basketball program is too good to pass up and she could be happy there. Nathan refuses and makes her furious as he says she doesn't want her to go. She yells at him about how he has been treating her and as she calms down, Nathan reveals she can't go to Duke as he is going to Stanford. As he tells her the lights switch out, forcing Haley to ask if that was a good or bad sign.

Zuko's family made frequent vacations to Ember Island in the following years, and Zuko would later consider this time the only one when his family was "actually happy".[21] When he was three, Zuko saw an eagle hawk attacking a turtle crab while playing at the beach. The little prince immediately rushed to rescue the crab, feeling the urge to help the weak. However, when he had the animal safely in his arms, Zuko realized that the hawk would die of hunger without its prey. Unsure which side he should take, the prince was eventually surprised by a wave and carried out into the ocean. Zuko almost drowned before he was saved by his father. The little prince spent the remainder of the day in the care of his mother, recovering from the experience while vomiting sea-water.[22] Zuko and his family also often watched the play Love amongst the Dragons at the Ember Island Theater. Afterward, the prince and Azula usually reenacted the final duel of the play at the beach. To his frustration, Zuko normally had to take the role of the Dark Water Spirit, the evil antagonist. Nevertheless, Zuko happily recalled these memories many years later.[20]

However, as they got older, Zuko and Azula eventually grew apart, and he became the object of his sister Azula's manipulation, ridicule, and deception. Their mother, however, loved both but favored him over his sister,[24] especially when Azula let her brother feel her increasing animosity, as apparent when Ursa, Zuko, and Azula would walk in the royal garden around 94 AG. Zuko happily talked with his mother until the prince saw his sister burning a flower in the garden. He promptly told on her to their mother, as he thought that Azula's action was wrong. When Ursa scolded the princess due to this, Azula burned Zuko's bottom in retaliation. After sending Azula to her room, Zuko was consoled by his mother. Zuko tearfully lamented that he did not understand why Azula had "to be so mean", as he had just done what he thought was the right thing to do.[20] 041b061a72


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