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What is Live Betting and why is it always chosen by Vietnamese bettors when they start participating in betting?

The main reason for its popularity is the high payout rate while the capital required is minimal.

Additionally, you can bet continuously, changing your best prediction app in the world based on the situation on the field to have the best chances of winning.

If you are in urgent need of money, this is definitely one of the best forms of betting you cannot afford to miss.

What is Live Betting?

To explain what Live Betting in football is, below are some detailed insights about this attractive betting form:

Live Betting is known in English as Running Ball or Running, and it refers to the continuous changes in the betting odds and the way players' scores are calculated.

Live Betting usually appears from the first minute until the ball stops rolling on the field, at which point the betting closes. You can choose to join the bet at any time if you see an opportunity, without needing to care about the previous developments on the field.

The bookmaker will only calculate the bet from the time you place your money until the end of the match.

Because the odds change continuously, the payout rates will also fluctuate. If you have a good way of analyzing and making accurate predictions, you can earn very lucrative rewards from this type of betting.

How to interpret Live Betting in football?

Watching Live Betting in football is quite simple if you are closely following the on-field developments.

By watching the game and placing bets simultaneously, you will identify opportunities to win and place bets on the odds that the bookmaker is continuously adjusting on the betting board.

However, as mentioned above, this bet is only calculated from the time the bet is successfully placed until the end of the match, so you can place multiple bets and will win full amounts on those winning bets.

For example: You are watching a match with an over/under bet of 2.5 and the score is 2–0 by the 50th minute, and you decide to place a Live Betting. You will win if:

  • You bet on Over if at least one more goal is scored by either team during the remaining playtime.

  • You bet on Under if no more goals are scored by either team during the remaining playtime.

4 Tips for winning with Live Betting from experts

To accurately follow Live Betting and earn millions every day, even as a beginner, here is a compilation of highly effective betting tips win from experts that you should remember:

Continuously monitor on-field developments and the bookmaker's odds

Unlike other types of betting, Live Betting requires players to carefully and meticulously follow the developments of the matches they are betting on.

Any on-field development can create a high potential for earning significant money for the bettor.

Additionally, you can identify profitable bets by observing the fluctuations in the odds that the bookmaker adjusts every second.

Only play Live Betting in major tournaments

Typically, major tournaments with famous players are the top choices for beginners learning about Live Betting.

This is because these matches often have many unpredictable elements, helping you 100 sure home win prediction and place more accurate "running" bets.

Particularly, if possible, you should place bets on matches between teams ranked 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the tournament standings.

Choose the right time to place bets

You can easily notice that Live Betting often appears when on-field developments change unexpectedly.

Therefore, the best times to place your bets, making it easier to earn money even as a beginner, are at the beginning of the first half or the beginning of the second half of the match.

These are the moments when the players are full of determination and energy, creating intense situations.

Do not bet without watching the match

Sometimes you may tend to place running bets without actually following the on-field developments, merely imitating others.

This is a serious mistake that leads to significant losses, causing most bettors to quickly lose money to the bookmaker.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Live Betting

Below are some common questions about this type of betting to help you learn more about it.

From which minute should you start placing Live Betting bets?

Typically, the best times to place Live Betting bets are from the 10th or the 50th minute of the match, but you can place your bets at any time.

Is stoppage time included in Live Betting?

Live Betting only stops when the ball stops rolling, so stoppage time is still included in the bet.

What types of bets can you place with Running Ball?

You can play Live Betting with all types of bets that the bookmaker offers, such as handicap, 1×2, over/under, corners, cards, etc.


Live Betting offers attractive high payout rates that entice every player to participate and make money.

However, you should not choose too many Live Betting bets in one day, as they require careful observation, analysis, and absolute focus on the match, which can lead to fatigue, mistakes, and significant capital expenditure. Read more: Top 5 free vip betting tips telegram Football You Should Consider Joining


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