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Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is set on the alien planet of Hoxxes IV, whose caves are rich in minerals but filled with hostile wildlife and hazardous environments. The player controls a dwarf miner employed by Deep Rock Galactic, an intergalactic mining corporation that sends employees into the caves of Hoxxes IV to extract resources. Players can team up with up to three other dwarfs on missions into the planet, where they must navigate procedurally generated caves and complete objectives while fighting alien swarms.

deep rock galactic


Having taken point on a wave of enemies during a thankless mission down the Crystalline Caverns as a gunner and taken the brunt of the assault alone, I returned to the Morkite vein we'd hit on minutes earlier. In the intervening minutes, the driller had carved a genuinely ornate staircase into the rock wall allowing access up there. Moments like that keep me playing Deep Rock Galactic.

I just want to reaffirm how fantastic the procedural generation in Deep Rock Galactic is. At times I genuinely could not believe that certain map layouts were not handcrafted. Most map layouts feature a handful of caverns connected by tunnels, with the number increasing on higher complexity missions. Some of the caverns are incredibly vast, to the point where you cannot see the ceiling. Yet, the way the game puts together bits of rock, crystal, vegetation and other subterranean materials genuinely gives some areas a manufactured feel. As a result, my jaw was still dropping from some of my discoveries even after many, many hours of play.

Deep Rock Galactic, the grim vision of galactic extractive hypercapitalism that's also a wonderful community and great hang, will soon be 5 years old. The co-op first-person shooter is celebrating by letting you play the game as it launched in preview form in 2018.

Now those players will soon have a rare chance to appreciate how far intergalactic mining has come since its inception. Developer Ghost Ship Games writes that it will add the option to "play DRG as it was when it originally launched in early 2018."

Delve deep, Miner! Once the Drop Pod releases you into the oppressive darkness, you are on your own. Complete the mission objectives set forth by the Company, and make it back to the Drop Pod in time to try your luck at even more deadly and lucrative encounters. Choose your route though a path of harder and harder missions while you grow ever stronger, survive all the way to the very end of your assignment, and finally get extracted alongside your hefty sack of loot.

Welcome to the workforce! You are the newest employee of the DEEP ROCK GALACTIC interplanetary mining corporation. As the latest addition to our crack team of mineral extraction experts, you'll get to take in the sights and experience the wonders of exotic new locales. By "taking in the sights," we mean you'll be digging deep underground in extensive cavernous networks with the warm glow of your trusty flares guiding your way. And by "experience the wonders," we mean you'll be exploring these caverns and excavating all those rich mineral deposits lying in those depths. Sure, you might run into an alien spider or two (or maybe hundreds, but who's counting?), but that's why you've got all those nifty guns and explosives, right? I mean, if you and your team couldn't handle a few swarms of pesky bugs or worms, you wouldn't be working for Deep Rock Galactic, right? Get in, get the goods, and get out in one piece ... it's just another day at the office. Wait. What do you mean you want to discuss "hazard pay"?

This addictive and challenging mix of game genres set deep underground manages to appeal to a wide audience, whether it's sci-fi or multiplayer fans. Think you've got a rough job? Try spelunking alien caves, fending off bloodthirsty monsters with limited resources and your trusty pickaxe, and hopefully making it out alive with a decent profit like the miners of Deep Rock Galactic. It takes the resource collection of games like Minecraft and mixes in elements of a first-person co-op survival shooter. This makes for an odd hybrid of gameplay, to be sure. One minute you're carefully navigating the hazards of a dark cave and slowly mining pockets of rare minerals, and the next minute you're fighting for your life against swarms of rushing alien spiders, like a scene ripped out of Starship Troopers. Survive the swarm, and you're back to the slow burn of excavation as the cycle repeats. And yet, as odd as the combination may seem, it somehow happens to work.

Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person co-op shooter. You play as one of four Dwarves mining deep underground, where you will face off against a variety of giant creepy crawlies in procedurally generated caves. The game has been well received by fans, and was touted for its fun co-op action. 041b061a72


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