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SNOW BROS SPECIAL [Monster Challenge Mode] [010...

New in Snow Bros. Special is the "Monster Challenge" mode in which you play as the monsters. Each monster has its own special moves and controls which will change how you play the game. Monster Challenge is included with the physical version and available as a separate DLC for the download version. Snow Bros. Special will be available both in a physical version through retailers carrying video games and digital download from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Clear River Games publishes the game in Europe and the physical version in North America, while Daewon Game Media Lab publishes the digital version in North America. The physical version will contain an instruction manual and three sticker sheets.

SNOW BROS SPECIAL [Monster challenge mode] [010...

The original Snow Bros. was released in 1990 in Japan via the arcades with console ports on the NES, Mega Drive, and the Amiga in later dates. Its premise was simple as players took control of snowmen who threw snowballs at monsters, trapping them inside, and kicking them into other enemies. While it was popular enough to warrant a sequel, the IP remained dormant despite several clones recreating its premise in later years. Now, over 30 years later, Korean developers CRT Games have re-released the game in a modernized reimagining named Snow Bros. Special.

There's a bonus "Monster Challenge" mode that was originally DLC yet is bundled with the physical version. Players play the original 80 levels but this time as the monsters the snowmen fight. The initial selection is limited but as the players complete tasks, stronger and more interesting monsters are unlocked. Unfortunately, I was only able to unlock one type of monster, but the choice to play as a dragon is always a great one. It doesn't add too much spice to Snow Bros. Special but it keeps the player engaged enough to play for a few more hours.

The peaceful Snow Land is under attack by King Artich who has cursed the twin princes by turning them into snowmen. With their beloved princesses abducted and their homeland under attack, Nick and Tom must journey their way to save Puripuri and Puchipuchi, remove the curse, and restore their kingdom. Up to two players will journey through the classic mode which will take you through dozens of stages full of puzzles, action, and vicious monsters to turn into snowballs and send them crashing! 041b061a72


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