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Childish Gambino - Me And Your Mama (Let Me Into Your Heart) (Official Audio) =LINK=

The song can be interpreted in two ways. One takes a look at a bigger picture that encompasses the album, while the other takes a personal delve into the track's lyrics. Taking a look at the tracklist for Awaken, My Love, it looks like Glover is writing to his son. Songs like 'Baby Boy' and the similarly titled 'The Night Me and Your Mama Met' are found in the tracklist, and the title itself seems to be a call to his newborn son. Perhaps this album will be a life lesson, of sorts; maybe 'Me and Your Mama' is a sort of warning. The song itself is about love, or rather, how difficult it can be. Glover tells his girl in the first verse: "They wanna see us fallin' apart! / You know that I love you! / So let me into your heart," begging her to let him in, regardless of what everyone else wants. He goes further in a reference to Smokey Robinson and Outkast in the bridge, chanting "Girl you really got a hold on me / So this isn't just puppy love," claiming he knows his love is real and more than just an idea. He wants her.

Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama (Let Me Into Your Heart) (Official Audio)

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"You know that I love you / So let me into your heart / Let me into your heart / Do you really love me?" asks Glover in the verse. The song has a very soulful and bluesy feel to it that stirs the emotion Gambino is trying to convey with his lyrics. 041b061a72

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