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Santiago Nguyen
Santiago Nguyen

Digidesign Mbox 2 Driver Windows 10

I have a 2011 series iMac. I had protools 10 on the computer and my digidesign mbox 2 plugged up as well. Everything was working fine until I updated my Operating System to the latest Os, Sierra. After the upgrade, my protools will not open and my mbox 2 driver will not connect. How can I fix this problem? I was told to downgrade my software to a later os but I'm not sure on how to do it or which Os to get. Is this something I could bring to apples attention and have them do for me? Or can I do it myself?

Digidesign Mbox 2 Driver Windows 10

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I am 99.99% sure that altsetting 1 is irrelevant, it was just part of the initialisation sequence that it tries different altsettings until it eventually works. The fact you get lights on and the final message verifies that the mbox 2 mini sent a response code back to the driver so its fully working. You just need to configure your sound server correctly, as in use JACK.Good luck.


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