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The Whittlewood Concept appear on BBC Radio 4's Programme; 39 Ways To Save The Planet

Late Spring we were approached by Tom Heap of Countryfile fame and assistant

Anne-Marie Bullock to discuss Biochar as part of their BBC Radio 4 Programme, '39 Ways To Save the Planet.'

They came out to one of our woodlands the day after England's Euros defeat to Italy. We were up early to start a burn, so when they arrived they were able to record the sound of the kiln flaring at the maximum. We were also able to record the sounds of us 'quenching' the coals, an important part of the biochar production.

Whittlewood Concept's Dave Faulkner talking to Tom assisted by Anne-Marie

Tom and Anne-Marie were very relaxed and made the whole experience very enjoyable. They seemed enthused and happy to talk at length about our whole Whittlewood Concept. The two hours flew by and then it was time for them to leave for their next project.

The programme was broadcast on Radio 4, Thursday 2nd September and was entitled 'Black Gold.'

It is still available on the BBC iPlayer and can be found on here;

Late October, we were invited to Tom's book launch in London. We were lucky enough to be mentioned during his talk about the background to his book and even got our picture on the big screen. We are very honoured to have had the radio experience and hope to do it again in the future.

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